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Finding the right piece of luggage can be difficult. How do you know where to buy a good suitcase without spending a ton of money? We all know that traveling can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life, however, it can also be extremely expensive. Nobody wants to have to pay hidden fees with their airline, or super-high last minute hotel room rates. For those budget-conscience travelers out there, we hope to offer up a little help in one particular area – your luggage. Somewhere out there is the perfect suitcase for you, for a much lower price than you had originally expected to pay, and it’s our job to help you find that bag.

Where to Buy Luggage – Department Store Edition

When it comes to buying luggage, where you buy is just as important as what you buy – if you’re trying to save money. It’s easy to just try to find the absolute cheapest place to buy luggage – just get in your car right now and head over to your nearest 2nd hand store, then maybe try a garage sale. If you’re looking to be the first owner of your new luggage, shopping at a department store – in person, could be the right solution for you.

Buying department store luggage is probably the most popular route for the average traveler who may not travel frequently, or desire to spend a lot of money. Below are places where you can actually visit in person and buy one of more pieces of luggage at a reasonable price and quality.

  1. Walmart
  2. Target
  3. TJ Maxx
  4. Marshalls
  5. Kohl’s
  6. Macy’s
  7. Sears
  8. Kmart (if they’re still around)




Of course there are other department stores, but these are our top 8 as of right now. Buying luggage from a department store – as opposed to buying at a specialty store like a freestanding Tumi store, can really save you money. Buying luggage online can be a different story. Downsides of buying online is of course not being able to personally see and touch what you’re buying, paying for shipping (sometimes), and waiting for your item to arrive (time can be an issue for some procrastinating travelers). Physically being able to see what you’re buying can help you take certain measurements, or even allow you to bring an item into the store that you need to make sure will fit in the bag. Returns are also a breeze when buying from a brick and mortar department store. Some online shops can really make it a hassle to return an item, especially a larger item such as a suitcase.